Thursday, 10 December 2015

Reading comic stip

I am hungry 

I wish we had more food but this will do for now 
Yay we are here 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Reading PMI

Plus they got away from the war. They are alive. They have friends that are alive. 
Minus lots of their family and friends are dead. They had a very bad experience on  the boat. Not having that much food. 
Interesting how they got to Waitangi . How far they had to travel. How quiet they had to be. How many survivors their were.


Tuesday, 1 December 2015


It was time to go, the survivors walked quietly to the boats because there was a war going on. They were heading to Waitangi. They hopped on the boats and paddled into the sea to get away. People waited for their arrival to Waitangi. They paddled into shore. They were finally safe and away from the war. 

Monday, 30 November 2015


Measuring challenge - Find at least 5 objects that are approximately 10cm long, 1m long and 10m long. Take photo's of all 5 objects lined up next to each other. You need 5 objects for each measurement. 5 that are 10cm, 5 that are 1m and 5 that are 10m. Good luck!
Basket ball hoop
1m across
2 meters 64 up
Flying fox thing
3m 36
The tree 3m 39 -2m 39=1,

Balancing beam 
2m -1=1m
Court line
Hall seat 2.5m x4= 10
Junk food box 2m x5= 10
 With of hall 10 meters
Flick off 1.5 x 3 and a third 
White board pen 13-3=10
Pen 14 -4 =10
Jamie face 13-3=10

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


The most I important part was when he pulled up the fish 


This is my advert - Nikau can you please put your edited version on your blog please!


WALT make a model 

Writing WALT write a limerick

Success Criteria:
It's a nonsense poem - it still needs to make sense - but it can be silly (Luke)
Your meant to rhyme with it and it's silly - Jamie
It's like a funny poem - Phoenix
The rhyming words need to be real words - Logan
That it is a non - realistic poem - Arisha
The rhyming has to be in a pattern - 2 lines rhyme then the next 2 have to rhyme and the last one Rhymes with the first 2 - Qwade
Aabba - Milania
There are five sentences - Quentin


 Distance Challenge - Each person in your group has to make a paper plane and measure how far it can fly inside the hall and outside. Make sure you have a starting point. Make sure you decorate it!
This my plane 

The results were 
3 meters Ruby2ed
5 meters 70 cm Nikau 1st
2 meters 90 cm Grace third 

The results were
Ruby outside 3 meters
Nikau outside 4 meters 65 cm
Grace outside 3 meters 85 cm

Monday, 23 November 2015


Once you have worked out the area, you need to work out how much carpet you would need to cover the floor area of each rectangle and how much it would cost! The carpet costs $12 a square metre!

Monday, 16 November 2015


After you have read your story, you must start with the understanding activity, which is, to retell the story in your own words