Monday, 30 March 2015


W.A.L.T write a thank you letter
Success Criteria:

Features of a letter
Is the letter formal or informal?
Is the address in the top left hand corner of the page?
Does the date of the letter come underneath the address?
Does the letter start with Dear… or another type of greeting?
Is the reason for writing clearly given in the first paragraph?
Is there a clear beginning, middle and end?
Does it keep the reader interested   -using well chosen words?
Has the letter been signed off correctly eg. Yours sincerely, yours faithfully etc.

25 Russell street 
Russell st school 
Dear pāpā 

Thank's pāpā I love the tongue twisters. And even though we didn't do the maori colour thing I am glad that you planed for us to do just in case. I was your only student for that class. Thank you for helping me when we made the milos and telling me how the hot water thing worked I am glad that you took your leave for this event and for getting the tomato sauce from the dairy for the nachos. And helping me with making my bed. 

From nikau 😃

Thursday, 26 March 2015

2 stars and a wish

Te reo maori

WALT we are learn Te Reo maori

The Marae Trip


First we slowly walked to the bus with all of our luggage. We had to put it in the bottom near the wheels in the bus. Then, we lined up and climbed up the steps to the chairs. I sat next door to Ryan. We waited for our little buddies to get on the bus. My little buddy went with Jamiee. Now the bus is leaving. I thought that it would be a short ride but it was not. Me and Ryan were talking about terraria I told him about bee hives. He said' that he found one but did not break in. I was happy. After that we planned our plan of attack for killing the queen bee. About 15 minutes after that we hopped off the bus and slowly approached the marae then they welcomed us in the Marae. When we were in side they did a little speech then they sang a song. After that we did a speech and song then we gave a gift. After that we had a hongi and then we went to have some Kai out of our lunch boxes then we started our activities. Our group was group four. We all lined up in our groups. Our first activity was with Rosie. She was doing ti rakau it was fun so much that the time flew by. We had go to Jess with photography. We were the first to get the list of stuff to take photos of. A few photos later we had them all but one the guy on top of the marae. Once we had the photo Jess called us back in and sent us to Fiona. She was doing weaving it was so hard that I gave up and got Shar to do it. Then I got sent to my pāpā he was doing little activities one of them was a tongue twister about cutlery it was hard but I got it in the end. The next thing was sketching A pou or tukutuku pattern. It was fun. After that we had some lunch.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


This is my to Tukutuku
The storey behind this is my family likes going to the sea to boogie board. 

What are Tukutuku?

The Maori people brought a culture, which included tukutuku patterns, from Polynesia hundreds of years ago. Tukutuku panels are decorative wall panels that were part of the traditional wall construction used inside meeting houses.
This method of construction created a warm, insulating type of decorative wallboard. When used nowadays, tukutuku panels are created for their artistic appeal.

Stitches were combined to form a variety of patterns. Some of the traditional tukutuku patterns are: 
1. Patiki (flounder)
2. Ripeka (cross)
3. Poutama (stairway to heaven)
4. Tapatoru (triangle)
5. Kaokao (armpit)
6. Niho Taniwha (teeth of the monster).

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WALT use translation
Success criteria (we will achieve this when):
the shape has to be the same
stay focused on our learning
our shape can go up and down
side to side