Wednesday, 25 March 2015


This is my to Tukutuku
The storey behind this is my family likes going to the sea to boogie board. 

What are Tukutuku?

The Maori people brought a culture, which included tukutuku patterns, from Polynesia hundreds of years ago. Tukutuku panels are decorative wall panels that were part of the traditional wall construction used inside meeting houses.
This method of construction created a warm, insulating type of decorative wallboard. When used nowadays, tukutuku panels are created for their artistic appeal.

Stitches were combined to form a variety of patterns. Some of the traditional tukutuku patterns are: 
1. Patiki (flounder)
2. Ripeka (cross)
3. Poutama (stairway to heaven)
4. Tapatoru (triangle)
5. Kaokao (armpit)
6. Niho Taniwha (teeth of the monster).

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