Monday, 21 September 2015


Feeling - I felt worried when I kept getting the dance wrong.
I was so happy when my mum helped me finish it off.
Facts - I found out a lot about Egypt like, why the Sphinx has no nose. I found out how to use the sewing machine. 
Skills - I was good at using the hot glue gun and never got some on my fingers. I was bad at the sewing machine, I always went to fast. 
 ?'- How do people get so Good at sewing? Why did my sister get help first from my mum?
Goals - I think that I could stick to my plan more and not change my ideas.
Highlights - my highlight would be the dance because when I got it, it was fun. Another highlight is  painting my huge hat. 
Challenges - one of the challenges are making my goaty because I had to mould  it out of bendy cardboard. 
Another challenge is making my hat because it was hard to cut.
Links -  it links because I know more about Egypt and it will come in handy some day. 
And the dance I know how to dance to that song when I hear it again.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Draft Writing-WALT to write you r own mystery

On a  Dark and scary night, in a carrot patch, all the carrots were stolen. The gardner  calls the mystery INC to solve the mystery. 
 Pat, bob and Jeff were given the mystery . The gadget man Jeff, detecter bob and smart guy pat is on the case.
 Jeff gets out his carrot sensor and gets a signal of  the carrots. That's weird it says it's right here." Said Jeff pat said" there must be a tunnel  under the carrot patch. They ask the gardner if they can dig up the garden the Gardner said " if it helps to get my carrots back so they dig up the garden they see a  small Tunnel as big as a bus. And can easily fit a car in there.

 So they get their bikes and jump into the hole and they biked down in to the tunnel then pat shouted "STOP!" He also said"give me something to throw." so Jeff gave him a stone he throw it and then a sink hole appeared there was little holes about the size of a rabbit  they slowly make there way to the other side. They jump off the last hole and lands  safely on the ground.

There was and other trap with lava and bats. the bats flew at you and made you fall and if you fall you fill bern in lava. Bob using his mega glass he look at the bats it looked  like they where robots that are programmed to fly at people. Pat told the others and said"RUN." So they ran to the other side wale dogging bats they got there with no ingress.

They saw the carrots and grabbed them. a metal cage landed on top of them. Then out of the shadows a small guy walked and slowly clapped. Then he said " you have done well to get past my traps" then pat said " why did you think you should steal those carrot". " now to tell you why, I stolen  the carrot because she all why wins the best carrot soup so I stole her carrots to win the carrot soup contest for once. And by the way my name is mr egg head."said mr egg head.  I will let you go if you make that Gardner back out of the contest. "Fine it's a deal" so he let them go and told the Gardner then Gardner backed out of the contest and mr egg head won and then things went back to normal and mr egg head did not steel any more carrots. 

The end  

Monday, 14 September 2015

Wearable art

I am an Egyptian God Guess which one I am?
I am the god of the afterlife, death, life, and resurrection   

Reading-WALT make an invention to help a person in the storey

The problem is that someone steals food in the story, so I have designed a trap.

Maths - WALT add decimals

Today we are working on adding decimals. This is one of the questions that we did today.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


WALT to find synonyms from the book.
Page 1
Dog- Mutt,Pooch
Up-Raise, Rise
Looking-Watch, See
Collect- Assemble, Gather
Page 2
Tv-telly, Television  
Cold- Icy, frozen
Middle- Centre
arsk- replied, answered
Bank- vault,safe
programs- program
Changed- swithch, moved
got- caught ,captured
Same- identical, relised
police- officers, cops
robber-thief, stealer.
pressed- pushed, shaved
Dinner- supper, main meal
Loudly -noisily, aloud
Slobbered-dribbled, drool
Door-gate, entrents
Page 6
Strange- odd, bizarre
Mum- mother, māmā
Light- glow, blaze
Tingle- itch, prickle
Page 7
Yelled- shouted, yelped
Inside-indoor, under a roof
dirt-soil, mud
Digging- drilling, scoping
Page 8'
but-still, however
Back- aback behind
Followed- chased
Too- alone,  further more
Only-solo, alone
Froze-stopped, didn't move