Monday, 21 September 2015


Feeling - I felt worried when I kept getting the dance wrong.
I was so happy when my mum helped me finish it off.
Facts - I found out a lot about Egypt like, why the Sphinx has no nose. I found out how to use the sewing machine. 
Skills - I was good at using the hot glue gun and never got some on my fingers. I was bad at the sewing machine, I always went to fast. 
 ?'- How do people get so Good at sewing? Why did my sister get help first from my mum?
Goals - I think that I could stick to my plan more and not change my ideas.
Highlights - my highlight would be the dance because when I got it, it was fun. Another highlight is  painting my huge hat. 
Challenges - one of the challenges are making my goaty because I had to mould  it out of bendy cardboard. 
Another challenge is making my hat because it was hard to cut.
Links -  it links because I know more about Egypt and it will come in handy some day. 
And the dance I know how to dance to that song when I hear it again.

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