Monday, 30 November 2015


Measuring challenge - Find at least 5 objects that are approximately 10cm long, 1m long and 10m long. Take photo's of all 5 objects lined up next to each other. You need 5 objects for each measurement. 5 that are 10cm, 5 that are 1m and 5 that are 10m. Good luck!
Basket ball hoop
1m across
2 meters 64 up
Flying fox thing
3m 36
The tree 3m 39 -2m 39=1,

Balancing beam 
2m -1=1m
Court line
Hall seat 2.5m x4= 10
Junk food box 2m x5= 10
 With of hall 10 meters
Flick off 1.5 x 3 and a third 
White board pen 13-3=10
Pen 14 -4 =10
Jamie face 13-3=10

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