Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Today Rosie set a task. The task was to find ten descriptive words and get the meaning of each word and five synonyms for each word 
Member comrade joiner component piece 
Part of a team 
Out law bandit crook criminal fugitive 
Person that breaks the law 
Stranger intruder outsider Unknown out-of-stat
Unknown person
Comrades chum friends pal mate 
Frightened afraid scared fearful 
Thrown in to fright 
Freedom free rein ability right Liberty 
Do what you want 
Brilliant Fabulous outstanding fantastic awesome 
Something that is good 
Traitor spy rebel double crosser betrayer 
Person that betrayed an other person 
Captured taken captive  kidnapped detained incarcerated 
Held against their will 
Supper dinner tea mean meal 
A time to eat

WALT identifiy desriptive words 
I think green target because He got all the synonyms and the meanings of the words

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