Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Writing draft

WALT write a recount 
I am climbing up a mountain of stairs, with my sister Tui and an inflatable donut. We finally got to the top  there was a line. Ten painful minutes later we were at the start of the line. We stepped in to the slide. We sat on the donut and I held on to the rail,let go and whoosh! We are suddenly in a pipe going into a bowl. We spun in circles. After three times round we went into a hole,splash! We were at the bottom again.
 We did it over and over. then Tui got bored so she went in side. I ran up the stairs to the speed slide and hoped in. Boom! It feels like I am falling suddenly my head feels water and I am at the bottom 
I wrote a recount about the lido hydro slides this is my plan 
I liked the way you explained the way you were waiting to hop on and how scared you were. (Caid)
my goals I need to inprove on
Adjectives Similes metaphors 

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