Monday, 4 April 2016


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WALT persuade some one 
Is El Rancho a safe and friendly place ?
Some people believe that it is a inviting and friendly place because there are lots of fun and friendly activities and good food. When you go to El Rancho you will get a warm welcome from the activities instructors they will also explain the rules so you are safe. I strongly recommend that El Rancho is a safe and friendly place.
Firstly some parents send there children on their own because they trust El Rancho to look after them. They believe it is a safe and friendly place just like me.
Secondly there is a nice instructor at each and every activity. They tell you what to do so that you are safe at that activity. At some activities they have a safety line that you can't pass unless it's your turn. For other activities like kayaks they have life jackets just in case you fall out. In an other activity called horse riding they have helmets just in case you fall off, kind of like a bike.
Thirdly the cabins are nice and comfy. They have bunk beds with soft mattresses and lots of space for your  suitcase and pillow. If you are lucky you might get an ensuite. The ensuite has a shower, a toilet and a basin. 
Those are all the reasons why I think El Rancho is a safe and friendly place and hopefully you do to.  


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  1. I like the way you have used specific vocabulary like firstly, secondly and thirdly and the points you have made. Maybe next time you could make spaces between your paragraphs and use more descriptive words to help convey your message. Ngā Mihi, Rosie