Sunday, 8 May 2016

My moon poem

This is my shape poem about the moon 
WALT write a poem about the moon 
Yellow target  
                                                            The moon 
                                                  The moon is like a child 
                                          And I the earth is like its mom. The 
                                 Moon circles round the earth like a lost boy 
                      Following its mother. It's like a splash of white paint in a 
                 Picture of pure darkness. The moon has lots crater full of mistory.
                   It has a long history like the first man to stand on this huge 
                           lump of rock.The   first space ship to Landon this
                             Marvolus bulk. For the moon has been  
                                       Around longer than you 

I think you could have made the shape look like a moon. (Caid ) 

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